Event Nutrition


Hammer Nutrition is proud to the be the Official Nutrition Sponsor of the Murray Man Triathlon and naming rights sponsor for the bike leg.
At Hammer we not only supply the worlds leading Endurance Nutrition, but we also provide a great educational service on how to Fuel right for Long Distance Endurance events. Below we have put a fuelling plan for you to consider for the race.

Triathletes train to hard and long to prepare themselves for race day, to then have a problem with their race nutrition and fail the race.
We strongly suggest that you read the following information and arm yourself with excellent advice which could make or break your race day.

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Consumption should be limited to between 250 calories and a maximum of 350 calories / hour (1025 -1435 Kj Approx.) The amount will depend on individual differences in weight etc. This amount of calories is what you can comfortably digest when your body is under stress. Any more than this amount will have trouble being digested and will lead to stomach distress.

TIP – on the bike separate your hydration from your nutrition to stop confusion. (Have 2 water bottles). Too many people do not pay enough attention to the amount of calories consumed on the bike. It is very easy to over consume calories and still reasonably comfortable. The consequences are felt when you start running and endure km of gastro problems.


Our preferred fuel source is Liquid.

  • Liquids are easily digestible. Solids will take longer to digest and will take blood away from the working muscles to digest.
  • By taking liquids you can be almost 100% certain of how many calories you are consuming per hour.
  • Taking solids you can never be sure on how many calories are being digested per hour.
  • Hammer Perpetuem is ideal for this purpose (See website for Mixing Instructions)
  • It is recommended that the liquid form(Perpetuem) be used on the bike.


Perpetuem contains all the right ingredients (Complex Carbohydrates, Soy Protein and Lipids)

  • It is scientifically designed for Endurance exercise lasting longer than 3 hours and up to 1-3 days.
  • Perpetuem gives you very stable energy levels over a long period of time without the highs and lows.
  • This is exactly what your body needs over this duration. It does not give you the spikes in energy given by simple sugars.
  • Perpetuem contains complex carbohydrates, Soy protein and Lipids (type of fat).
  • The complex carbohydrates give the consistent stable energy supply
  • The soy will help your body stop breaking down its own muscle tissue.
  • The Lipids will help release your own fats stores. Fat will be a major contributor to energy demands. The longer you go the more important fat becomes as a fuel source.
  • Perpetuem can be mixed into a Multiple Hour Bottle. For example a 3-4 hour bottle can be mixed for between drink stations.
  • Perpetuem is a complete source of Energy (No other nutrients are required apart from Hydration/ Electrolytes)
  • Do not count the water contained in a Perpetuem bottle as part of your hydration.

For exact details on Perpetuem, go to the Hammer Nutrition website. Perpetuem comes on both powder (liquid) and tablet form (solids).


Proper Hydration is essential for successful completion of an Ironman. Consumption must be on a regular basis.

We consider around 590-750 ml / hour to be approx. the right amount.

Both under and over hydration can cause serious problems.

Electrolytes are to the body as like “oil is to a car”. Over this sort of distance it is crucial to take on extra electrolytes in the right format. We would always recommend you take an extra form of electrolyte supplementation during an Ironman, even if you don’t feel as though you need it. When you do feel you need it, it’s usually too late.

The Australian Food Standards for Sports Foods does not take into consideration athletes doing over distance events. They have limited the amount of Electrolytes manufacturers are able to add to Sports drinks.

Hammer has 2 ways of providing Electrolytes in the form of Endurolytes or Endurolytes FIZZ. Both are formulated to provide an excellent cross section of Electrolytes. Salt Tablets only contain sodium and Potassium; you will need a full cross section of Electrolytes.

Many variables—body weight, level of fitness, weather conditions, acclimatization level, and biological predisposition, come into play in regards to optimally fulfilling one’s personal electrolyte requirements. It is vital that you experiment with a dosage that is suitable to you.

Generally taking approx. 1-3 Endurolytes or ½-3 Endurolytes FIZZ per hour would be sufficient for most.


Perpetuem (liquid) is our fuel choice for the bike ride. It can be easily measured to ensure correct calorie consumption. It can be mixed into a 4-5 hour bottle. If your bike time goes beyond the 5 hour mark, a switch can be made to Solids. Take electrolytes as above. Keep hydration as above.


You have several choices on the run.

  1. You can keep taking Perpetuem in the form of solids (tablets).
  2. You can switch to use Hammer gels.
  3. Take Electrolytes as above (crucial)


  1. Do not consume simple sugars (i.e. Coke) until the last 30-45 mins.
  2. Stay away from solid fuels – even harder to digest on the run.


The above is our preferred means for fuelling for a long distance Triathlon

There are choices for those who prefer other means. As noted the main consideration is the amount of calories consumed per hour and the type of calorie. Listed below are the other Hammer products which can be consumed.

All Hammer products can be used together. It’s a great idea to use some of these other Hammer products to use to break up the monotony of using one product.

Hammer Bars (230Calories) – a great easy to digest alternative, to break up the consumption of Perpeutem

Hammer gels (100calories) – Easy to consume Energy Gel.

H.E.E.D (High Energy Electrolyte Drink – 100 calories scoop) – a mild tasting Energy drink (only uses Complex Carbohydrates) with a good cross section of Electrolytes.


  • A complete diet of liquid fuels is possible to complete this event.
  • However some will feel the need to eat something solid.
  • Make solid food consumption the exception, not the rule
  • Choice of solid fuels is crucial.
  • If eating solids, eat small amounts of solids at one time.
  • Avoid foods which are hard to digest, high in saturated fats, refined sugars etc.
  • We strongly recommend that you avoid simple sugars, i.e. lollies, chocolates. These products will provide a quick boost, and then drop your energy levels down below where they started.
  • What you put in your body greatly determines what you get out of it. Remember: garbage in, garbage out.