Swim Course

The Murray Man swim consists of an anti-clockwise triangular course of 950m in length. Swimmers doing the 1.9km swim will turn around a buoy in the water to begin the second lap.
The Start area will be in front of the Yacht Club in waist deep water.

– Murray Man competitors will complete 2 laps (1.9km)
– Half Murray Man competitors will complete 1 lap (950m)

All swimmers exit from the right hand corner of the course.

Swim Starts:


– 7.30am start for Full Murray Man
– 8:00am start for Half Murray Man

Grass/Sandy foreshore start (greater than 2m:30s/100m), waist deep to deep water (less than 1m:30s/100m) depending on pace/ability.
Please consider others and position yourselves at a realistic pace point.

You can also find a printable version of the Murray Man Course Maps HERE.